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Akron Educators for Social Justice

Male teacher handing out papers to high school students

Akron Educators for Social Justice (AESJ) addresses, discusses and champions social justice issues at Akron Public Schools. Our vision is to improve equity for all staff members and students at APS by advocating for a district-level commitment to social justice.


We partner with groups like Educators for Social Justice, to provide members with professional development opportunities and resources that support racial and cultural experiences and equity in education. We also work with local community organizations that are committed to advancing and supporting social justice work.


By providing training and tools for staff members about equity and race, we empower members to engage in important discussions and address social justice issues to build school environments where students and staff feel safe, valued and supported.


We invite all APS staff members and community members serving APS students to join us.

Become an AESJ member today!


Email for more information on how to get involved.

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