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Start an ERG

How to Start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at APS
The following steps will help you establish an ERG at APS.
If you have questions about this process, please call 330.761.3297.
  1. Use the APS ERG survey data to identify areas of common interest among APS staff members. Keep this data and its recurring themes in mind to provide an ERG that others will be interested in joining.

  2. Review relevant district policies and administrative guidelines to make sure your ERG adheres to APS policies. Please review:

  3. Meet with the superintendent and/or district representative to discuss your interest in forming an ERG, plan to establish and run it and receive approval.

  4. Choose leaders, chairs and co-chairs to help you run and lead the ERG.

  5. Contact the district diversity officer to identify an advocate/ally from APS senior leadership to act as a liaison between ERG members and the district.

  6. Meet with your leadership team and other allies to identify ways to connect with local programs, find professional development opportunities or attend certain events that will support your ERG, its members and mission. 

  7. Create a schedule for when your ERG will meet and what your ERG will accomplish throughout the year.

  8. Use APS resources to spread awareness of your ERG and its purpose throughout the district. Use the APS communications department, district events calendar, principal newsletter, recruitment and hiring events and more to let others know how they can be involved.

  9. Monitor and track meeting and event attendance to share with the diversity officer and district leadership.

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